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Jump Around Promotions

group of kids playing insde bouncy castle enclosure

Jump Around is the largest supplier of inflatable bounce toys, and our extensive experience in the business ensures that you have a great experience. We want kids to enjoy themselves, and we want parents and organizers to be able to relax. That’s why we include friendly, professional staff to set up and operate your bouncy castle, inflatable slide, obstacle course, or whichever rental you’ve selected for your party or event. We absolutely love having fun, but safety is the one thing we have to take seriously.

Expect Guidelines for Use: All of our bouncy castle equipment follows the strict safety guidelines required for safe installation and operation including well-trained adult personnel. While we understand there’s fun in numbers, our staff is required to moderate the number of users on the bouncing surface at any given time, as well as the general ages that are bouncing together. This is to prevent smaller children from getting hurt by having a larger child bump into them. Jumping on its own is considered a high impact activity but the impact is only meant to apply to the individual user, not impacting with others.

Our Jump Around supervisors will also ask users to remove their shoes and any sharp objects that might be in their pockets. They’ll also ask them to finish their food or drink before entering the bounce area. While the enthusiastic and prolonged joy of bouncing is encouraged, acrobatic maneuvers are not, as they can lead to injury, and that means no fun for anyone. Although they don’t happen often, most injuries that do occur can be prevented with proper supervision. Should you decide that you want to supervise your group’s activities, we provide these written instructions so that you fully understand how to safely enjoy our inflatable castles and other amusements.

Expect A Safe Installation: It’s fun to be the centre of attention when you are safely wrapped in an inflated persona! Our inflatable sumo wrestler suits turn even small interactions into huge fun! Once inside you’re protected by a cushion of air so impact is safe and hilarious! Even simple movements will make you feel as though you’re an animated character. Playful interactions are a great ice breaker for weekend retreats, staff gatherings, and community events. If you want to add some adult fun to your family reunions, renting a sumo suit is an easy way to lighten up the mood.

Expect to Have Fun! Renting a bouncy castle, inflatable slide, or obstacle course provides easy access for fun. Having a few rules ensures that everyone can get the most enjoyment. People of all ages can enjoy the fun that bouncing brings. It’s great exercise, and a fun way for kids to get to know each other and make new friends. We’ve had hundreds of happy customers over the years, and can’t wait for the fun to start! Give us a call to book your bouncy castle today!