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When someone mentions inflatable bounce toys, the first thing that probably comes to mind is probably the image of preschool children bouncing in an inflated castle. Although that’s a popular option, bouncing isn’t just for kids. Did you know that there are plenty of inflatable bounce toys that are fun for adults too? Jump Around has the biggest selection of bounce toys in Nanaimo and there are plenty of children and adults enjoying the fun! Here’s a list of some of the fun teens and adults may be missing!

large inflatable movie screen and projector

Inflatable Movie Screens are an instant hit for outdoor teen parties or youth events, giving them the opportunity to play video games with friends with avatars that are literally larger than life. Bring your playlist to life with music videos on the big screen and get your groove on, or cheer on your favourite NHL or CFL team as you watch the big game on the big screen! Back up the trucks, open the tailgates and light the grills for the most memorable tailgate party of the season. Or host a family friendly block party with your favourite cartoon or family movie. All you need to do is provide the space and we supply all of the setup, tear down, and operating so you can enjoy the fun too!

Inflatable super hero suits

Inflatable Suits It’s fun to be the centre of attention when you are safely wrapped in an inflated persona! Our inflatable sumo wrestler suits turn even small interactions into huge fun! Once inside you’re protected by a cushion of air so impact is safe and hilarious! Even simple movements will make you feel as though you’re an animated character. Playful interactions are a great ice breaker for weekend retreats, staff gatherings, and community events. If you want to add some adult fun to your family reunions, renting a sumo suit is an easy way to lighten up the mood.

inflatable jousting arena

Calling All Gladiators Put out the challenge and enjoy the fun of watching contenders compete in our inflatable jousting arena. It’s hard to be a serious contender when you’re having this much fun, but the results may surprise you! Each opponent balances on an inflated podium and tries to knock off each other off using an over-sized inflated jousting pole. If you want an option that can involve more people at once, the Jump Around Sports Arena adds a bouncy challenge to a game of soccer, dodgeball, or a human version of foosball.

Being playful has some serious benefits! It can improve the quality of your relationships, reduce stress, and has been proven to increase personal creativity and problem solving skills. These are three great reasons to invite some playfulness to your next event! Give us a call, and let’s plan some fun!